It’s Okay To Let Go.

"We don't want to feel the pain of losing something so precious. Ironically, we are only hurting ourselves more by holding on to them, which is just as bad. Either way, we get hurt. So which one do you think is the better option- the one where you hold no matter how much you get hurt or the one where you let go, hurting yourself in the process and slowly but effectively heal?"


Thank You, For Sticking Around.

"We live in a world where things are loved and people are used; we've forgotten that it should actually be the other way round. People are used as the means to others' ends. There are times when we ignore the ones we love and don't even feel guilty about it. It's only when you lose them or they start distancing themselves that you realize how much they meant to you."

An Open Letter To An (In)Dependent Person.

"You're tough to the world outside, you don't let anybody in, you have an aura of strength about you. But you also wish to lie down on the couch, watch rom-coms and eat ice-cream, with a box of tissues on your side; and no one knows about this part of you because you're usually the most independent person they've ever come across."

Your Software Needs To Be Updated.

"We are all very well familiar with the process of updating the software on our devices- a simple click does the job, doesn't it? Plus, those pesky notifications will keep reminding you to update you device every now and then, until you finally do it! Let's be frank- we all hate the part where the notification keeps popping up all the time! But 'updating' the self is a completely different process altogether."

Much Cribbing.

"If we come to think of it, we all complain and crib way too much. We make a big fuss about little things that probably wouldn't even matter in a few days."

I Dared To Follow My Dreams.

"People kept telling me that I wouldn't earn as much; I would have to struggle a lot. Sure, but what path doesn't take struggle, to be honest? Shortcuts don't take struggle. But I was going to do this the right way- from the scratch. I made up my mind that I would follow my dreams, and face whatever challenges came along the way! After all, it was time to do something I was actually good at- writing."

My Best Friends Live Too Far Away.

"Sure, it's a little sad that I'd have to travel a thousand kilometers to get a hug from my best friend, but it's all worth the distance when they finally hug the oxygen out of me. It is the best feeling in the world!"

What If I Told You That I Loved You?

"Is turning away from any kind of feelings at all, worth it? Are we not settling for non- emotional, meaningless flings when we can actually have something that gives us a warm, fuzzy feeling of security?"

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