Who Are We To Judge?

“Look at her tattoos! How does she get so many tattoos?”

“Such a short skirt!”

“How many guys has she dated?”

“Ew, look at all that acne!”

“She’s so skinny/ fat/ curvy/ obese/ overweight/ ugly/ beautiful/ hot…”

No. Just, NO!


They aren’t all those things. You are too judgemental. Nothing, and I repeat nothing gives you a right to comment about anyone personally. No matter who you are, or what kind of a relationship you share with the person, you are not allowed to judge them.

The tables could just as easily turn on you. You can be on the receiving end of all that judgement, remember that.  It’s that easy.

I remember all those times I was bullied, back when I was an eighth grader, because I had a severe case of acne. I was given rude names and teased endlessly about my skin condition. I still remember when people told the teacher that I’m a ‘live example’ of acne, when she was teaching us about changes during adolescence. None of the others had a severe reaction to heat like I did. I spent days crying, wishing I didn’t have to go back to school. There were times when I burst out crying in school. I was just called ‘sensitive‘ and ‘cry-baby‘. My batchmates never realized what they had done. I don’t think they ever did. What they thought was ‘harmless fun,’ was a horrible hit to my self-esteem and it took me a good four years to learn to love myself for who I am.


That was years ago, but the point here remains that judgment can be really scarring. Even if it is just for ‘harmless fun.’ Don’t ever judge a person based on their appearance. Better yet, don’t judge them at all! It’s none of your business what they wear, who they socialize with, where they go, where they’re from or what they look like.

And I’m speaking for everyone- boys and girls. Everyone hates to be judged and made fun of.  Like I already mentioned, it takes a bad hit on the person’s self-esteem. There are no excuses for judging an individual.

“But, she’s my sister/ he’s my brother…” “But, I was just kidding…”  But, nothing! No excuse you give is good enough.


Remember this- an individual is entitled to his/ her own choice. They don’t have to consider your likes and dislikes to determine their own. If you hate being judged for simply being who you are, they probably hate it too. And you, don’t worry about what others are going to think about that funky dress. Be un-apologetically yourself! Don’t give a damn about what everyone else thinks.

So that annoying auntyji thinks you’re being too modern and that you should get married before it’s too late? Wear the brightest shade of red lipstick you own, dye your hair in the most outrageous colour you can think of, and strut out of the house in your best pair of shoes for a party as she watches. You do you, and no one has to voice their opinions about it. They don’t get the right to do that.

It’s a free country, people. Just let everyone go about their lives the way they want it instead of how you think their lives should be. You  don’t walk in their shoes, they do.

Cheerio! Xx

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Yours truly,

The Shubhster.



16 thoughts on “Who Are We To Judge?

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  1. I couldn’t agree with your post more. Quite beside the fact it just isn’t cool to judge anyone else and we have no right to squash somebody else’s spirit, it is impossible to know the consequences such judgements can have – and that, sadly, can be fatal. Be kind, always, and if you can’t be kind …. Well actually you can, just be kind.

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  2. Yea. Ive been guilty. Instead of forgiving and letting like I read from a super smart young lady this also got me. I hate that I have not found tge kind of inner peace that allows to me to love someone and not judge them after being lied to and betrayed. I really agree hiw I respond to how others treat me is a reflection on me and I didnt like looking in that mirror. Glad people at your age have this perception. Gives hints of hope that not all of the youth are truly lost. Great words. Motivating read. 100 A++

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    1. Everyone has been judgemental at some point in their lives. The best we can do is to improve ourselves and work towards betterment! 😃 I’m glad you liked it, thank you.


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