A Little Change.

There's a handful of things that I realized yesterday.

Track of Time.

All we have right now is time, anyway!

Blues, Greys and Hope.

At least, I am trying.

Forgotten Drafts CH6- ‘Odd’.

We do live our lives with our heads up in the clouds the entire time.

Methods and Things.

There is no 'process' here.

New Moon.

We grow in phases or we fall apart.

The Plea of a Writer.

We just want to know whether our words are going somewhere.


TL;DR: Be nicer to the artists around you.

All That Is Today.

Forever wide-eyed, forever lost...

Forgotten Drafts CH3- ‘The Mainstream’.

Clout is way more temporary than you think.

Monkey Mind!

It doesn't have to be a step back.

Forgotten Drafts CH2- ‘Numb’.

It always does feel like a better idea to suffer in silence.


Letting go of what could've been.

The New Song.

You're going to expand your horizons so much more than you think...

Progress or Nah?

We're just walking a different road, that's all.

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