“An Escape From The Daily Monotony…”

“I have often found myself turning back to her blogs when I needed an escape from the daily monotony. Not only are The Shubhster Diaries’ posts interesting to read, but they also end up being really inspiring.”

Ambika Agrawal
Blogger at The Feline Fillip.

“Your Daily Dose Of Inspiration Right Here…”

“Shubhangi doesn’t fail to keep up her word. Her blogs are amazing. You would be surprised at the amount of maturity that flows through the pen into the words of this inspired 20-year old. She will make you see things that you have been seeing everyday in a totally new way, because that’s how talented my best friend is. If you want to see the world through her words, then make sure you follow this blog. You sure won’t regret it.”

Shwetha Vasudevan
Student, Chennai, India.

“You Won’t Be Disappointed.”

“If you want to smile more often, imagine an invisible crown on your head and feel great about yourself, and so lucky to be a part of the world, The Shubhster Diaries is the place to go to. As a fellow blogger, friend and one of the many people she inspires everyday, I can bet you won’t be disappointed.”

-Mahima Khetiya
Blogger, The Tale-Teller

“She Is A Cut Above The Others…”

“I am a 35 year old man who was blessed by her writing and perspective and it helped me as much as any religious propaganda or social philosophy banter from some self-proclaimed Guru. She is going to go so much further than she knows, and I will proudly say I remember when this stranger, who was a teenager, wrote and published words that helped me get through the lowest point of my life. So I closed my mind’s hamster wheel of destructive thoughts and listened. A teenage girl coached a 34 year old at the time, listened to his tears and cried from the eyes of a stranger, and helped me put one foot in front of the other by offering intelligent, encouraging words and genuine human sentiment. She is a cut above the others, and has my heart and respect on a human level that I can never repay.”

-Eric Salter.
(Musician, Alabama)
Mr. Salter was formerly a bassist in the Alabama-based band TRUST Company during the years 2008-09.

“She Isn’t Just Another Blogger…”

“I’ve been following Shubhangi’s blog for over a year and a half now. And everytime I get notified about her new entry, I always find myself wanting to go through it, regardless of anything I’m doing. As a reader, the best thing about her blog that I liked was simplicity and uniqueness packed into one true form of a write-up. The content she writes is NEVER monotonous, which is hard for other bloggers to keep up. (Also why she isn’t just another blogger). She stands out.”

-Kriti Singh Chauhan
(Student, AISM Hyderabad & Co-Founder, Andromeda Pictures)

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