Just Talk Things Out!

Excuses, excuses! We all need to grow up!

An Open Letter If You Have Forgotten Yourself Lately.

This stops now.

An Open Letter to Friends who Drifted Away.

'Long time. no see' is such an understatement.

An Open Letter to the Heartbroken.

We've all been there at some point or the other.

An Open Letter to All Teenagers.

"It's not like we adults have things figured out"

An Open Letter to the Insecure.

"All I can tell you is that every battle gets easier."

It Begins With You.

"Embrace that tiny bit of the Universe inside you..."

An Open Letter To Parents Everywhere.

"How do you expect me to learn if I don't make a few mistakes along the way?"

Small Victories.

"The very idea behind 'small victories' is to make sure that you take a shot at being happy."

An Open Letter To My Future Self.

"They say that good things take time."

An Open Letter To The Bookworms.

"You're an amazing person who has lived several lives, traveled to millions of places, met so many different people, battled Dragons, and practiced Witchcraft!"

An Open Letter To The Far-Away Valentine.

"Yes, there are days when it's a little too much for me to take in, but otherwise, I'm getting through the days just as normally as I would have- one day at a time."

An Open Letter To My Constants.

"You have walked beside me through the light and the dark days and I don't think I have told you how much I value that."

An Open Letter To The Shy Ones.

"You might be called a nerd, for being so silent and taking down all the notes to escape people. But what they don't know is how wonderful a person you can be. You just need to get out there, break through your shell."

An Open Letter To My Future Kids.

"Remember that you're a unique masterpiece in yourself, and you do not have to pretend to be somebody else. Love yourself, be confident of the amazing person I'm sure you're going to turn out to be. I won't force you into anything that you don't want to follow; you're free to follow your own dreams and live your life according to your own set of rules."

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