An Open Letter to the Incurable Romantic.

Dearest Incurable Romantic,

If you’re reading this and not immediately rolling your eyes, you most probably are one of us, the ones they call the dreamers, or the ‘sentimental’ lot. I just want to say ‘thank you’ to all of you because no matter what kind of negativity this world throws our way, all you fellow romantics never really give up on hope. And it’s that very hope which keeps me going when I feel like there is none left at all. I’ve always believed in being recklessly optimistic and believing that love exists all around us, and knowing that a whole bunch of others believe in that too helps keep the magic alive.

bibbidi bobbidi boo

That being said, I truly believe that it is us who make this world a slightly kinder place to live in because we hold on to the fact that all kinds of love exist. Even when we run. Into reasons that may make us believe otherwise. We know that the movie kind of love can’t really exist, but we dream on anyway because the best things happen only when we put all of our faith in them and manifest them into our lives. And this also happens to be the reason why we are suckers for the really old-school kind of love in our lives.

you have bewitched me

And if I may say so myself, when we love, we go all out for the person we’re in love with because we want to live the kind of fairy tales that have made us the dreamers we are today. We know what to expect in our relationships and we know exactly how to make things work when our hearts are in the right places. We love in a way that most people can only dream of being loved. And guess what? A lot of people crave the kind of love we idealise, but they’re too scared to take the leap. We’re not. That makes us slightly cooler, don’t you think?

mal and ben

And because we choose to look at everything in our lives through some magical, optimistic, sparkly perspective, we often have a hard time because this world isn’t really as perfect as it seems. But we have figured out a way to get back up every single time and still love with the same kind of passion, if not even more, because we truly believe in the existence of love, even if it isn’t romantic love. Being an incurable romantic makes us appreciate all kinds of love without any kind of bias simply because we understand what love, in its purest form looks like.

blair serena

I love how you think that the skies are painted every other morning and evening. I love how your camera roll is filled with pictures of sunsets, beaches, and the moon that you simply can’t justify with your phone’s camera. I love how you make a wish every 11:11, look out for shooting stars, blow dandelion fluff and eyelashes, and make a wish with all of your heart because you know that they somehow always come true, even if not immediately. I am amazed at how you cling to the belief that love is just around the corner even if it doesn’t always feel like it.

original (3)

You choose to look at the world differently and you choose to love differently because you want to believe that happy endings could be real. You choose to live life by the code of  Carpe Diem you get a thrill out of taking leaps of faith because you live for the present and you are always excited, even if a little scared, to see what the future has in store for you. The world is brighter to you and you somehow end up looking at the bright side even when, and especially when the skies are dull and grey because you believe that life is only as good as we choose to look at it. And that attitude is so amazing!

miss mystic

The world outside constantly tells you how stupid, childish or unrealistic you are, but you constantly brush all of it away because they don’t know what you know: that life brings us all the vibes that we choose to put out into the world. We cry to Rom-Coms and we have heart-eyes for all things sappy because for some reason, they weasel their way into our hearts and we let them. We love recklessly and we love truly. Even when the whole world tells us that it might all end in tears and heartbreak.


This is who we are. And if you have ever wondered whether you were ‘too stupid’ to believe in the kind of romance that springs from looking at the world a little differently, well, you’re not. Don’t let anybody tell you how to look at things because there are enough people bringing others down; be someone who lifts others up instead. You are so magical. Remember that. Hold on to what you believe in because you spread the kind of love the world needs.

Keep shooting your arrows, little Cupids!

Yours truly,
A fellow incurable, hopeless romantic.

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

Featured Image by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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