Happily… Ever After?

Who doesn’t love a good Rom-Com, right? Until the age of around 16, I thought that a ‘Happily Ever After’ was the goal. I thought that once the two people in love made their way down the aisle, exchanged vows and promised to love each other forever, that was it. Nothing else could get in their way.

But ding-dong! Boy, was I wrong!

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As a 21 y/o, I have realized that it takes so much more to make a relationship work than just getting married. The real ‘Happily Ever After’ is sticking by each other through the highs and the lows, bickering about anything and everything sometimes, trying to understand each other a lot more than you used to before and most importantly, it’s about staying in love.


Because people fall out of love just as easily as they fell for each other. What’s worse is that sometimes, they fall out of it for the same reasons that made them gravitate towards each other in the first place. That’s so disturbing. No wonder people choose to walk away these days before they are left hurting in the cold.


Let’s just keep aside the fact that if the relationship is toxic or abusive, you should walk away from it. I’m talking about people who apparently get ‘bored’ of each other after a while. They say that all the ‘spark’ is gone and nothing keeps them interested.

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Wow. A relationship isn’t like retail therapy, where making a purchase gives you joy, and then you eventually lose interest once you get something new. The ‘spark’ eventually does die out, but from what I see between my parents, the spark is replaced by a feeling of warmth, safety and happiness.


That only happens if two people can manage to stay in love instead of walking away as soon as the fierce passion has faded away. Not that I’ve ever been on either end of it, but I’ve heard something that makes a lot of sense in this situation: The real magic isn’t in falling in love. It’s in staying in love.


And sometimes, love isn’t just in the extravagantly planned dates; it’s in staying in on a rainy day, watching some boring movie while laughing at the corny dialogues and throwing popcorn at the TV. It’s in casually resting your head on their shoulder— not because it’s romantic, but because you feel safe.

So if you share a special connection with somebody, stop walking away because it isn’t the average romance novel love. It could be so much better if you gave it a chance instead of giving up on what can blossom into more than flowers and dates.

Transition is everything. You never know what a new chapter might bring you.

Cheerio! Xx

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Yours truly,
The Shubhster.

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