All the “Love You’s”.

Gratitude Day 17.


Broken Eggshells.

Gratitude Day 13.

Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero.

Gratitude Day 12.

Wings to Fly.

Gratitude Day 11.

Around, About.

Gratitude Day 10.

Glad it Happened.

Gratitude Day 4.

Today vs A Year Ago.

Gratitude Day 3.

Simpler Pleasures.

Gratitude Day 2.

Try Something New?

"I would like to do something about it!"

The Unheard Side of a Long Distance Relationship.

"We would probably high-five each other if we could."

Birds of a Feather.

"The gratitude just doesn't end"

Treat Yo’ Self.

"You made it, didn't you?"

Beating the Hard Levels.

"How do we tackle the snags we hit?"

What Sparks Joy.

"Nothing good ever comes easy"

Filters & Presets for Life.

"We have to take the long way round"

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