No Regrets.

It really has been a long time coming.

The Love I Thought.

It was all-consuming.


I like my chances.


I'd never want to wake up.


Time once cruel, somehow seems kinder.

Song of Our Dreams.

Doesn't that sound beautiful?

Worth the Wait.

Patience bears the sweetest fruits.

Moments of Weakness.

I tell myself they'll pass.

Larger Than Life.

The incurable romantic is somehow the solution?

More in Love.

Love conquers all, indeed.

Dear Moon.

If only for a heartbeat.

Only Human.

There's no letting go.

Too Much?

It never hurts to be mindful about the people around us, you know?

Life Goes On.

You'll be happier again.

Touch the Sky.

Someday, I'll do bigger things too.

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