‘Wish Upon The Stars’.

This is my first attempt at some form of story-telling in any of my pieces.

PoA 2022.

Your goals? You'll accomplish them all.

Another Lost, Another Gained.

I'll see how this goes.

You’ll Get There.

It all starts here.

In Pieces.

At least I still haven't lost hope.

Your Year In Moments.

Your defining moments are yours and yours alone.

Where One Door Can Lead You.

Give yourself a chance.

Yet Another Milestone!

I hope you find the courage to chase your dreams someday.

‘I Never Needed A Reason’.

"I'll tell you again...."

Losing It.

Fight for what is yours

Do You Remember?

What might have been...

Some Kind Favour.

This is just one of those things I've wanted to write about for a really long time.

Somebody Once Told Me.

Rise to the challenge against all odds.

For If I Don’t…

Clouds aren't forever.

Stories I’ve Kept.

Pages being written...

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