Anywhere But Here.

Frozen on this ground I stand...

On The Brink.

Waiting for my crescent to be whole again.

Jump Right In.

You'll only end up talking yourself out of it if you dally any longer.

Voices in the Dark.

We never know our way around.

‘At What Point…’

You'll be surprised.

The Same, Old Songs.

In distant memories and forgotten dreams...

Ease Back In.

Just hang in there. You got this, I promise!

Blah Phase.

Here's hoping I get back to writing here (properly) soon!


I hope you're having a great weekend!

Glamour & Grandeur.

There's no drama going down here.

Hi, There!!!

I'll keep this very quick and short.

You Know That Feeling?

How beautiful it is!

At the End of the Day.

Somewhere I’d rather be than here.

A Weekend Q/A: Session 5.

I hope to do more of these posts soon.

Maybes and Maybe Nots.

Hope is such a confusing thing.

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