Nothing Could Have.

You deserve happiness.

‘If Rage Alone Could Fix’.

Fear is an ugly thing I've known..

A Ray of Hope?

Here's to another day.

‘Unfortunately, I Have Hope.’

Too late. Too late.

Taking a Break.

Here's hoping for the best.

‘Words Don’t Come Easily To Me’.

Perhaps it is a blessing...


Just a bunch of things I wanted to say.

Who Else Would Know?

We deal with our struggles in whatever manner we see fit.

Do You Remember?

What might have been...

To Whoever Needs This…

You're already doing so much to hang in there.

Stronger Than You Thought.

It sounds unfair, but that's just life, sometimes.

‘This Can’t Be Me!’

You've still got what makes you who you are.

Just a Reminder.

The world will still be right here tomorrow.

Reclaiming What Is Lost.

Getting there is never easy.

1,000 Posts!

I have written 1,000 posts here, as of yesterday.

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