‘Simple Things’.

We are all plagued by things that we wish we didn't have to.


Nothing stays up in the air forever.

A Hiatus…?

A lot going on at the moment.

Resting Place.

The most tragic death of them all.

Jotting It Down.

It can't be a good thing to have all those voices in your head yelling at you.

What They Don’t Know.

It won't hurt them.

A No-Context Ramble.

It's exactly what it seems like.

Dead Habits Or Maybe Not.

There's no defining moment..

Another Story, Goodbye.

Some stories never go away.


Then again, it's all just hypothetical, isn't it?

‘Nobody’s Fault.’

Nobody said that this was going to be easy.

Weather-Worn Tree.

Would it be terribly selfish to hide?

Soulmate Culture.

Here's to more fun and to growing up!

About Today.

You should try it sometime!

The Whole ‘Process’.

Think about this a little today, would you?

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