‘Carry Me Away’.

"I still let myself be carried away..."

‘Hell to Pay’.

I thought an open-ended prologue would be a nice addition.

Forgotten Drafts CH8- ‘Zoned Out’.

What should your first step be?

Forgotten Drafts CH7- ‘The Lone Blossom’.

Never pick a flower that is thriving.

Forgotten Drafts CH6- ‘Odd’.

We do live our lives with our heads up in the clouds the entire time.

I Have A Theory.

Just another random thought that I wanted to put out there.

One of Your Kind.

What gives your work that something extra?

All That Is Today.

Forever wide-eyed, forever lost...

Finding the Balance.

That's just the way the world works, isn't it?

All We Ever Do.

Even if we return to stardust in the end.

My Dearest Poetry.

The push and pull between the moon and the sea.

500 Days of Writing!!!

Here's to many, many more milestones!

To Excel or Enjoy?

The actual challenge here is to slowly start doing things for yourself.

Forgotten Drafts CH2- ‘Numb’.

It always does feel like a better idea to suffer in silence.

500 Of Us.

This blog now has 500 followers!

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