My Dearest Poetry.

Confessions of love scrawled in ink,
Questions there will never be answers to
Wondering what the universe is made of,
Words creating worlds unheard of, unseen,
Those of heartbreak smudged with tears,
My wildest dreams and my deepest fears–
On most sleepless nights, keeping me company,
Here’s to you, my dearest Poetry.

The songs in my head so cleverly disguised
Into metaphors that the world shall never see,
Between lines and meaningless words, they hide,
The only one to decipher them being me.
Words I so carefully thought of,
Verses I thoughtfully arranged,
Breathing my thoughts to life eternal,
By my side, my dearest Poetry.

Dreaming of forlorn places
So painfully out of reach,
Somewhere the hills are a cold blue
And the moon shines ever so brightly–
Thinking of how it would be
If it were just my thoughts and me,
Finding my answers by slipping away
Closer to you, my dearest Poetry.

Colours that I knew existed
Now live on my mind rent-free,
Much like the ebbs and flows of the tides,
The push and pull between the moon and the sea.
So if I’m ever lost in a reverie,
You know where to come find me,
For here we’ll be,
Just me and my dearest Poetry.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Alex Gorham on Unsplash

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