The biggest fear is to fade and be forgotten over time.

One of Those Days.

Everything in moderation.

A Change of Heart.

It feels like I'm reading a new book.

‘The World Has Turned…’

Isn't happiness the goal, anyway?

‘You Don’t Have To.’

Even Achilles wasn't truly invulnerable.


Nothing stays up in the air forever.

A Hiatus…?

A lot going on at the moment.

A No-Context Ramble.

It's exactly what it seems like.


Then again, it's all just hypothetical, isn't it?

About Today.

You should try it sometime!

“Unrealistically High”.

Of course you deserve nice things because why shouldn't you?

In Case You Feel Out-Of-Focus Today…

I am just as confused as anybody else about everything around us.

In The Memory of Us.

Some forgotten diary.

Lucky Stars.

It's nice to wake up and not have to wonder about where I'm headed.

No Storms.

I hope you decide to put a lot more faith in yourself today.

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