"There's nothing more..."

‘Carry Me Away’.

"I still let myself be carried away..."

To The Grave.

'I wouldn't have done this...'


'I'd rewrite it all for you.'

‘I Never Needed A Reason’.

"I'll tell you again...."

Midnight Coffee.

This poem is inspired by real-life events that don't belong to me.

‘Who Am I?’

We are so much more than can be defined.

‘If Rage Alone Could Fix’.

Fear is an ugly thing I've known..

‘Unfortunately, I Have Hope.’

Too late. Too late.

‘Words Don’t Come Easily To Me’.

Perhaps it is a blessing...

Do You Remember?

What might have been...

Some Kind Favour.

This is just one of those things I've wanted to write about for a really long time.

For If I Don’t…

Clouds aren't forever.

Chipping Away.

One step at a time, right?

Something That Wasn’t There.

Something beautiful about re-discovering the familiar.

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