‘Carry Me Away’.

I began writing this piece of poetic prose thinking that it would turn out to be something beautifully romantic and happy, but somewhere along the way it turned a little bittersweet. This piece started out from the perspective of someone who just wants to be held and swept away in love, but it eventually turned into the perspective of someone who is wondering what could have been. It is a piece about healing and eventually letting go of the memories that we might have once called our own. There is beauty in accepting that certain things no longer bring us joy and that they probably never really belonged to us, to begin with.

I hope you like reading it. Xx

“Carry me away into the land of the unknown, my hand in yours, we’ll go together as one.

As the sun settles into drowsy dusk, I’ll wait, silently as you climb through my window to whisk me away. Carry me away and hide me somewhere behind your eyelids, all to yourself until the end of our days.

And I’d stay there, weighing your eyes down to blissful sleep. I’d stay there until I visit you in your dreams. Would that be something you’d ever fancy? Could I ever be your last thought before you fall asleep? Could I ever be the one that your heart carries?

Carry me away, my dearest poetry, into realms that weren’t meant to be. I’d go to any end of the earth, so long as you’re with me.

As long as we walk our paths as one, weathering any storms that may come our way, I’d let you walk right beside me, I’d let you carry me away. And if it is all just another dream, would you let me stay, if only for a moment, if not another day? For all tomorrow will be, and all that is today, would you want me by your side? Would you carry me away?

I’d stay right here as I always have, looking out for a trace of you, out on the horizon as the sun goes down, I stay awake come morning dew. Come carry me away to a slumber so deep, I barely feel the day passing, for it is only in slumber that I find you—it’s a sad, sad thought I’m now resigned to.

You were never there, and you never stayed. You left me all alone when you should’ve carried me away.

And I lie awake in wonder of how it still sometimes aches; thinking of you does me no favours, it only brings me pain. I wonder sometimes if I should have begged you to stay, but I keep thinking it’s better this way. Too far I am to be swept away, and your saccharine words no longer charm me. You hardly ever cross my mind, these days.

I still let myself be carried away, sometimes, and I wonder how things could have been if only you had stayed, but all I have left now are your memories. I watch your face as it fades into nothing as though you had never been. I hope a part of me will stay, if that isn’t too selfish of me.

Pieces of me you carried away, and I’ll heal on my own in time. But the pieces of me you carried away were never really mine.”

Featured Image by Jayden Yoon ZK on Unsplash

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