They're so important!

Down Time.

Down bad, down bad, down bad.

Sijo Saturday!

This is something self-indulgent, more than anything.

A Little Better.

This is a reminder that you're on your way to better things. 

Sijo Saturday.

Slowing down for the weekend.

You Aren’t Them.

It just feels wrong to compare your sea to somebody else's mountain.

One Step More.

There are things we can and cannot control.

Emptiness. Forever.

Just to feel something.

Not Everything.

Learning is still learning.

‘Running Out Of Time.’

You still have all the time you need.

Tomorrow Will Be Better.

Feeling is good.

Another Day.

Everybody runs out of juice sometimes and that is okay.


This is all I have to offer today.

Am I Proud?

Just something to think about.

Dream A Little Dream.

I think of you when I think of home.

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