My Forever: Poetry from Conversations.

From the very bottom of my heart.

An Open Letter to The Person I Wish I Was.

Who you are to who you want to be.


The pressure is unreal!

Make Those Hard Decisions.

Nobody else is going to.

Imperfection is a Myth!

Who came up with this concept anyway?

How Art Helps Me.

We radiate art.

It’s Bigger Than You!

It's really not that deep!

Unlimited Lives.

Sounds tempting, doesn't it?

Sky-High Standards.

Whoever said you shouldn't be picky was so dead wrong!

Are You Draining Yourself?

Maybe you deserve that love more than anybody else does.

‘What If’s’ and ‘But’s’.

Excuses, excuses!

Fight for What’s Yours.

Don't let anybody take away your hard work.

The Child in You.

Save the serious stuff for later.

You Owe Them Nothing.

Consider this your wake-up call.

What Discipline is to Me.

It's not always about playing by the rules.

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