What Plan?

Often, something unexpected happens and all of our plans seem to go out the window. I’ve seen this happen a lot when we have the most things to do and places to be. Somewhere, in the middle of all that, we fail to realize that we have a limit to how far we can exert ourselves, and how much we can do.

One of these things to happen to me is not having any time to write at all when I’m travelling. I would find the time if my schedule allowed for it, but there are often so many things that need to be done, that it easily wears me down enough to not find the time to write in the day. It makes me feel so guilty; I feel as though I’m shirking my duties as a writer, or something like that, when I fail to write something or the other every day. 

But this is just the internalized hustle-culture in me speaking. We are so much more than what we tell ourselves we are. We are more than society’s expectations for us. We are not supposed to be mindlessly slaving away just because someone has mentioned how beneficial it can be. As much as it is important to work hard, it is important to work smart. Wearing ourselves out can do us more harm than good. It can end up draining us of all creative energy and make us feel more exhausted than we should be. 

Sometimes, it’s better to understand that we cannot control every single circumstance in life. Things are going to get out of our hands someday, no matter how well-prepared for the situation. And you know what, that’s okay. There is beauty in letting go of control sometimes, because it is so exhausting to always want to keep a situation under our control. 

Winging it every now and then doesn’t seem like such a bad idea when you’ve been put through a wringer, lately. 

I hope allow yourselves to get enough rest instead of trying to gather a situation that is already out of your hands. There are always better things to come. Xx

Featured Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

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