5 Toxic Friendships You Need to Quit ASAP!

Take out the trash TODAY!


Friend-Zone: The Dreaded Fine Line.

Please. Stop. Whining!

When Do You Let Go of a Friendship?

Sometimes, it's what's best for you.

Online Friendships: What You Need to Know- Part 3.

This one's the last part, I promise.

10 Signs of a Healthy Friendship.

Look out for these!

Why are Friendships so Important?

It's no surprise that I value friendships.

Familiar Strangers.

Lives intertwine in so many weird ways.

Always & Forever.

We humans live a dreadfully short life.

Can You Live Without Love?

I'll answer that for you: No, you can't!


It's not what you think it's about.

The ‘Dying Spark’.

What comes after could be much, much better.


Happy 50th, Dad!

Love in 2019- Part 2.

All I ask of you is to not let love die in this world.

Who is a Soulmate?

"Not all love is romantic, and romance cannot be taken as the basis for love."

Bleeding Ink.

Gratitude Day 26.

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