We’re Trying!!!

There's no time limit to these things.

Please Never Say This To An Artist.

Sincerely, an artist.

How Would You Know?

You won't find out if you didn't try!

Not A Lot Going On At The Moment…

Take your time with this.

Let’s Talk Discipline!

Of course, it means several different things depending upon the context.

Why Do We? Why Does Anybody?

Why do we put ourselves through that?

Things You Need To Stop Giving Yourself A Hard Time For.

You're not broken.

#NaPoWriMo Day 30: Memories Of Magnolia Street.

Streets lined with haunted homes.

#NaPoWriMo Day 28: Thoughts To Keep You Up.

If I fell asleep, right this instant...

#NaPoWriMo Day 27: Flashover.

When all was said and done...

#NaPoWriMO Day 26: Sing To Me.

I would sing for you, too, you know?

#NaPoWriMo Day 25: Vanity.

What's the occasion?

#NaPoWriMo Day 24: Portrait Of Blood And Tears.

The river of inspiration runs dry.

#NaPoWriMo Day 23: I Just Don’t Believe You.

I'm sorry, Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

#NaPoWriMo Day 22: Mango Showers.

I reminisce the times I actually loved summers...

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