How Do We Accept Change?

So much has changed so quickly.

For Once!

I hope you find this little bit of peace someday.

Credit Where It’s Due.

A friendly reminder.

You Aren’t Them.

It just feels wrong to compare your sea to somebody else's mountain.

More Than.

I guess we could all give it a go

Leaps Of Faith… And Then Some.

It's an ongoing process.

Is Imitation Really Flattery?

It's uncomfortable as hell.

Why We Should Be More Proud Of Ourselves.

Never tell yourself that something you did wasn't enough.

Let’s Talk Discipline!

Of course, it means several different things depending upon the context.

The Blog’s Trip Around The Sun.

This is unreal!

How Much Longer?

You know what? You do you.

What Other Way Is There To Create?

It's only natural.


It's as easy as and natural as breathing.

Where to Begin?

Do you ever have an idea in your head that you just struggle to bring to life?

You’re Not Supposed To Have It All Figured Out.

And that is okay!

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