PoA 2022.

Your goals? You'll accomplish them all.

What To Take And What To Leave Behind.

Happy New Year!

There’s Always Something Else.

You're meant for far better things.

You’ll Get There.

It all starts here.

Nice and Slow.

One day at a time.


Breathe. You've got this.

The Collapse.

Nobody wants that, do they?

Isn’t It Exhausting?

Sometimes, it's okay to stay in the present.

Where One Door Can Lead You.

Give yourself a chance.

A Month Later.

No dream of yours is too small or impossible.

What It Means To Heal.

There's not much we can do about it once things get out of hand. 

Absolutely Slumped.

I hope you've been kind to yourself today.

What Plan?

I hope you allow yourselves to get some rest.


'I'd rewrite it all for you.'

Yet Another Milestone!

I hope you find the courage to chase your dreams someday.

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