#NaPoWriMo Day 3: One Heart (Poetic Prose).

Today’s prompt has been taken from my friend literarychills ‘s Instagram page!

The prompt I picked is ‘a habit you’ve acquired from someone you love’. This was a really personal choice I made because this prompt really resonated with me and where I am currently, with my life. It’s just something really fun I attempted to write after a very long time, and in one of my most favourite formats ever– poetic prose!

I really hope you guys like this poem as much as I loved writing every little bit of it! I absolutely adore the way it has turned out!

When your hearts beat as one, they say, your mannerisms become alike. 

And surely, surely, that is a lie– or so I thought until you caught my eye. And as the seasons have gone by, and the winds around us have changed, so much has changed colours, but so much has remained the same.

You no longer call me by my complete name, just as yours feels foreign to me– after months of endless endearments– I call you ‘love’, and you call me things equally sweet. I know when you rise, I know when you fall asleep. And I know that you know the same things about me.

But we’re not so much alike, are we?

Or are we, really?

And I’d fall asleep just shy of dawn, but sleep weighs on my eyes sooner now; you’d laugh about fixing my sleep for me, like it was a broken clock, but you did, and I didn’t realize until lately. You are the Sun, where my day begins and ends, and I, the Moon you kiss good night.

So, if our hearts beat as one, and our habits are more entwined,

That wouldn’t be too bad, right?

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan

It’s only been 3 days and I already have a new favourite among my works! That being said, it feels like cheating to pick out favourites at all because so much love has gone into writing everything. But hey, I guess some of them are just better than the others and it’s a truth I am happily willing to admit when it comes to poetry!

See you tomorrow with a brand new NaPoWriMo poem!

Cheerio! Xx

Featured Image by Eli Pluma on Unsplash


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