Isn’t It Exhausting?

Sometimes, it's okay to stay in the present.

What is Best for You?

Take things at your own pace.

‘Carry Me Away’.

"I still let myself be carried away..."

To The Grave.

'I wouldn't have done this...'


'I'd rewrite it all for you.'

Art Through Art.

Never stop doing what you love.

Slipping and Falling.

Maybe, someday, we won't stumble around anymore.

Things We Do For Ourselves.

You'll thank yourself for hanging in there.

I Will Always Remember…

This is what will stay with me forever.

I Published My First Book!

Here is where I proudly announce that I am now a published author.

Good Enough Reason.

I hope you find some peace today.

‘If Rage Alone Could Fix’.

Fear is an ugly thing I've known..

‘Unfortunately, I Have Hope.’

Too late. Too late.

Taking a Break.

Here's hoping for the best.


Just a bunch of things I wanted to say.

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