How Do We Accept Change?

So much has changed so quickly.

Sijo Saturday!

This is something self-indulgent, more than anything.

For Once!

I hope you find this little bit of peace someday.

Credit Where It’s Due.

A friendly reminder.

Tasks Pending.

So much potential.

One Step More.

There are things we can and cannot control.

Emptiness. Forever.

Just to feel something.

Distractions, Distractions.

Much to think about.

Sijo Saturday.

I am back to actually writing things.

Something’s Brewing!

And that's all I have to say about it.

Highs and Lows… And Again.

It's kind of like... surfing?

‘Better Things’.

What's stopping us?

Tomorrow Will Be Better.

Feeling is good.

Another Day.

Everybody runs out of juice sometimes and that is okay.


This is all I have to offer today.

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