Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

We deserve to be happy

‘Are We Really Okay?’

That box will never be opened again.

A Random Entry.

Maybe it's time we changed things a little.

When It Gets Too Loud.

It takes a lot of time to work past that.

A Change of Heart.

It feels like I'm reading a new book.


Nothing stays up in the air forever.

Resting Place.

The most tragic death of them all.

Jotting It Down.

It can't be a good thing to have all those voices in your head yelling at you.

Dead Habits Or Maybe Not.

There's no defining moment..

‘Nobody’s Fault.’

Nobody said that this was going to be easy.

In Case You Feel Out-Of-Focus Today…

I am just as confused as anybody else about everything around us.

In The Memory of Us.

Some forgotten diary.


We're all meant to go our own way in the end, after all!

A Thing of the Past.

If only things had played out a little differently.

No Storms.

I hope you decide to put a lot more faith in yourself today.

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