It’s Nice, Sometimes.

Take some time.

A Story That Wasn’t Mine.

It's just us trying to find solid ground.

Sometimes, It’s Them.

You don't control where the wind blows.


Time slips away

Nights Lived To Regret.

Been running 'round circles...

Tired of Falling Asleep.

Have I mentioned I'm tired?

What’s Chill?

Let yourself heal.

Time, Curious Time.

I'm grateful for all that I've lost and gained over the years.

A Little More Than Yesterday.

There is always room for growth.

Right Where You Need To Be.

Sometimes, it just takes time for us to get out of situations.

I Know It’s Time To Leave.

That's just how life is.

Are We?

Don't keep it all to yourself.

You Aren’t Them.

It just feels wrong to compare your sea to somebody else's mountain.

Stories of the Star-Crossed.

I wouldn’t know where to begin.

What They Don’t Know.

It won't hurt them.

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