#NaPoWriMo Day 20: If Soup Were My Best Friend…

Today’s napowrimo.net prompt is so cute! The challenge is to anthropomorphize, or give human traits to some kind of food. I chose soup because it’s my go-to comfort food.

I suppose that in many ways, my best friend really is like a big, steaming bowl of the best soup ever because she brings me so much love and joy. But this poem is about if Soup were my best friend, and I imagine it’d pretty much be the same. I had so much fun writing this poem, and I hope you have fun reading it, too.

If you’re here, please also go read my best friends’ works on Kittu’s Modern Mixtape and Amour Infini. They’re both wonderful writers and you’ll find amazing works on their pages.

Happy reading! Xx

There’s a reason, I should think,
That I turn to soup in times of need;
If Soup were a real person,
Then we might get along famously.
I imagine they’d be loved
By just about everybody,
Bringing warmth and joy
To those who ever needed it.

I think we’d be fast friends;
Soup would very much be
My closest confidante,
The only one who knows me–
Through my 2AM sadness,
When all I need is a little love,
And on all the days I’ve felt
The slightest bit poorly.

I should think of Soup
As warm and friendly,
Every bit as lovely
As a person could ever be;
One who’d stay up with you
On nights desolate and lonely,
Sharing all your miseries,
And exchanging stories.

Their presence alone
Would feel like a warm embrace
On all our darkest nights
And on the coldest of days,
When we all need a shoulder to cry on,
I imagine it’d be Soup to lend us theirs,
They’d wrap us in a blanket of comfort,
And gently wipe away our tears.

If I could ever imagine
Soup to be someone I knew,
I’d think of my closest friend,
For who else could ever compare
To the secrets that bind us so?
There’d be no one I’d love more
If Soup had been my friend–
But I suppose, in some manner, I already do.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Ella Olsson on Unsplash

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