Do You Remember?

What might have been...

To Whoever Needs This…

You're already doing so much to hang in there.

Just a Reminder.

The world will still be right here tomorrow.

Somebody Once Told Me.

Rise to the challenge against all odds.

Don’t Let Go of Yourself.

You're important!

If Not, I’ll Still Be Here.

Change things up a little bit.

Surprise Yourself.

A little faith in yourself goes a long way.

A Whole Lot of Courage.

I just wanted to leave this here, as a reminder, today.

Something That Wasn’t There.

Something beautiful about re-discovering the familiar.

You’ve Always Had It.

It all begins with that first step.

Knowing What You’re About.

You need to value your work more.

All Over The Place.

I am not above having bad days.

5 Years and 900 Days Later…

5 years of this blog!


It's only natural to feel exhausted.

Things We Leave Behind and Those We Carry.

Dreams, people, things, regrets, pain, love...

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