For a Rainy Day.

It’s nice to have a reminder from myself, sometimes, I guess.

Comfort Food.

It’s like a tether.

No. Not Really.

You're not weak.


It's beautiful. It's morbid. It's heartbreaking.

How Bad Could It Be?

Who knows you better than yourself, anyway?


If only what was within was easy to find.

Slice of Life.

I hope you find what you're looking for, today.

Breaking Surface.

The ghost of a memory hot on our trails.

It’s Time.

Something spooky for the Fall.

Never Done Before.

Don't give up without a fair fight.

I Have A Theory.

Just another random thought that I wanted to put out there.


Why do we keep holding so much back?

All That Is Today.

Forever wide-eyed, forever lost...

Tides of Memory.

Among millions of faces will the tides still find me?

‘Crazy, Beautiful Minds’.

Just a journal entry from about a week ago.

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