We All Learn.

Do you ever have moments where you would rather just shut down and sleep for days if you could, after a job well done? It’s as though your brain is telling you that it has had enough productivity for a long time and that it would just like to rest for a while, now.

Usually, when I encounter such moments, I tend to sleep it off. I take as many naps as my body will allow me, and I let myself recharge with a clear head. It allows me to think and function better when I am finally ready to get back into the thick of things. Do I feel guilty about ‘wasting’ my time and not being productive enough, afterwards? Absolutely. It’s only natural because we live in a world where working yourselves to the bone is considered praiseworthy, and looking after yourselves and preventing burnout isn’t.

It’s time we changed the way we treat ourselves on the days when we don’t feel like the best versions of us. We aren’t supposed to be at our 100% all the time, like we force ourselves to be. We’re allowed to get exhausted and go through a totally blah stage if we don’t feel like we’re up for doing our best, on some days. It’s what being human means. We don’t all operate quite the same.

Some of us are naturally better at handling burnout and letting ourselves heal better. Some of us maintain a healthy balance to prevent that from ever happening. And some of us, still, are trying to figure it all out. All of these stages are okay. You can figure things out as you go along. You’re going to stumble around a little before you learn to find the right way to maintain your balance. It’s a lot like learning how to ride a bicycle without your training wheels; but we do eventually learn, don’t we?

Whenever you feel like you need to take a break after something you’ve poured your heart and soul into achieving, remember that you are allowed to take a break before you begin working on whatever comes next.

You can figure it all out, one step at a time. Xx

Featured Image by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

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