It’s Unreal.

I don’t have a whole lot to say today except that something really wonderful happened. One of our oldest family friends sent my Dad a text saying that he had read my book and he’d sent a lengthy text appreciating every aspect of my book, from the title of the book, the format, the poetry, as well as the notes I had included with every poem.

Reading the text filled me with so much joy. It was unreal, knowing that my book was physically present in somebody’s bookshelf, and that it had been read and appreciated for everything that I had intended for the book to be. I’ve never felt this accomplished before. This is by far one of my greatest achievements in life and I will continue to be grateful for everyone who has been reading my book and leaving me really nice messages about it.

For the longest time, I didn’t realize what the magnitude of writing a book could be. I didn’t realize how big it would be for me, personally, to put my work out there in a book that anyone could buy and keep as a reminder of my achievement. It hasn’t even been a week since my book has been out there in the world, and I’ve been receiving photos of people getting their copies of my book delivered to them. It feels like a fever dream.

I’m afraid that, at any moment, I’m going to wake up from this really beautiful dream, and that it’s just going to slip away. I still cannot bring myself to believe that this is now my reality– having my book published, and being an actual, published writer. I will probably believe in it when I see my copy in person. But for now, this feels like a very elaborate dream that I am still figuring out.

It hasn’t been easy getting here, and it definitely isn’t easy to find the right words now that I am here. But I am grateful to just be present in this moment. Everything I’ve worked for has led me here and I would never give that up for the world.

Featured Image by Sigmund on Unsplash

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