Anchors and Burdens.

I guess we all start somewhere, don't we?

Track of Time.

All we have right now is time, anyway!

The Last Few Pages.

What am I, really, if not my thoughts?

‘Keep It Going’.

You don't always need to look at the bigger picture to keep pushing yourself forward.

The Missing Element.

Different variables, different results.

Rolling With It.

The world is always going to try to tell you to do things differently.

Dreams to Life.

It's one of those things that you want to shout about from the top of the world.

What Goes Around.

You win some, you lose some.

Dear, Miserable Lives.

Does the soul ever tire of thinking?

Forgotten Drafts CH2- ‘Numb’.

It always does feel like a better idea to suffer in silence.

Art that Binds.

You just need to let yourself feel the connection to it.

I Used To Think…

Perhaps I once did, but I no longer care.

No Thoughts.

Head empty.

Making Progress.

Change begins with you.

The Demons in My Head.

How easy could it be?

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