The Reality of it All.

One of my friends told me, a couple of days ago that having my work published in a book is one of the the biggest honours in life, and it is just dawning on me how true that statement stands.

My cousin sent me the photo of her copy of my book, today. She is the first person to have received the physical copy of my book ‘April Lyrids’, even before I have received mine! The moment my cousin told me that she had received her copy, my mind went completely blank because it made the fact that my book exists all the more real to me. Until the moment she told me, I hadn’t even considered how I might feel when I finally do receive my own copy. I didn’t even think about it. But when I saw the copy, it was like something inside me relaxed, and I couldn’t hold back the tears of joy that I let out, after.

Sometimes, we have spent such a long time waiting for something to happen. And when it finally does come along, it doesn’t feel real until the one moment when everything begins to finally make sense. I had that moment today, and it was beyond overwhelming.

Although I know that this is simply my first of the many steps I will take in my now established career as a writer, it is my first significant moment. There are going to be so many more significant moments along this first step– when I get my copy of the book, when someone asks me to sign their copies of the books, when I see pictures of my book in others’ bookshelves– the list goes on and on. I can’t say for sure that I will be able to contain my joy, but I know that this is something I plan to cherish throughout.

For now, I will allow myself to wrap my head around how incredibly big this week has been for me and how things are just beginning to get better.

I hope they do for you, as well. Xx

Featured Image by Peter Boccia on Unsplash

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