“Why Do We?”

I don't even know where I was going with this!

Just One Day.

The world has so much to offer.

Reflecting or Whatever.

You know, it's that time of the year.


I just think that it's very neat.

Totally Unexpected.

I'm still going somewhere with this, even if the progress is kinda' slow!


How does one deal with anything when their only coping mechanism fails them?

Edge of the Cliff.

I couldn't really explain if I tried.

Stumbling Around.

Past the blood and bruise...

A Dream Too Long.

Looking for a door, for a way out

Anywhere But Here.

Frozen on this ground I stand...

On The Brink.

Waiting for my crescent to be whole again.

Ease Back In.

Just hang in there. You got this, I promise!


I hope you're having a great weekend!


It's beautiful. It's morbid. It's heartbreaking.

For the Love of It All.

Hold on to what matters to you.

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