Zoned Out Bad.


Blurry Days.

I had one heck of a day.

We’re All Trying.

Maybe it's a long road that keeps going around in circles....

Where Do We Begin?

There is no right or wrong, here.


Hopefully this will pay off.

‘Where Am I Going With This?’

It is okay to be confused.

The Crushing Guilt of Being Unproductive.

Make wise choices

What’s Chill?

Let yourself heal.

Here We Go Again.

Put yourself first. It's okay.


Isn't progress the whole point of it all?

Double, Triple Check.

People do work at their own pace, after all.

So. Much. Work.

You matter.

Passion Fatigue Is Very Real.

Listen to what your mind and body have to tell you.

A Little More Than Yesterday.

There is always room for growth.

It’s Not That Bad!

You either let it shape you or shape yourself around it.

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