Who Else Would Know?

Today, I came to a sudden realization.

One of my friends talked about how stressed she had been lately, and how she was going to deal with it by making some art. It was very surprising to me because I am someone who turns to art when I am inspired by something. I find it difficult to feel inspired or draw inspiration from things when I am not in the right headspace for it. So, it just felt really shocking to realize that there are people who deal with their rocky moments by throwing themselves into working on something they like.

It isn’t something I didn’t already know. Rather, this is something that I feel like I had failed to acknowledge before.

People obviously don’t all function the same way. In fact, my coping mechanism is going to be very different from anybody else’s. All I can do is talk about my experience with my escape mechanisms because it is what I’m familiar with. And while doing so, I feel as though I often have to remind myself that other kinds of healthy coping mechanisms exist, and that they do work for other people. I guess it’s just all about knowing what works best for you, and how you can make the best of it.

How you choose to cope with your unstable roads is up to you. I don’t think anybody needs to say anything to interfere or intervene unless you’re into something unhealthy, in which case please ask for help if you need it. But it’s always valid of us to deal with our difficulties in whatever manner we see fit.

After all, who knows our struggles better than us? Xx

Featured Image by Zac Porter on Unsplash

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