All the “Love You’s”.

Gratitude Day 17.


Passion Over Everything Else.

Gratitude Day 14.

Looking Ahead.

Gratitude Day 1.

The Unheard Side of a Long Distance Relationship.

"We would probably high-five each other if we could."

Treat Yo’ Self.

"You made it, didn't you?"

Embracing Myself.

"It's an extremely ugly battle."

Art for Art’s Sake.

"Every artwork is a snapshot of the artist's imagination."

#NaPoWriMo Day 22: A Ruse.

"Two can play this game"

#NaPoWriMo Day 14: Conversations.

"You just have to say the word."

It Begins With You.

"Embrace that tiny bit of the Universe inside you..."

Life Update.

"There was just so much happening that I didn't have the time to actually think of anything."

Looking After You.

"You're not going to be of much use to anyone, let alone your loved ones, if you haven't sorted stuff out for yourself."

Speak Up.

"How much more can a person take before he finally starts to push back?"

Be (You)nique.

"Never feel overshadowed because you are a stand-out, more than anybody else." 

Unapologetically You.

"There is no shame in being who you are."

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