For If I Don’t…

This is a poem about telling ourselves that we’ve had enough of the way our lives have been so monotonous so far, and actually doing something about it because otherwise, we would be stuck in a routine that we won’t ever be able to make it out of. I thought that there needed to be a reminder for everyone that sometimes the best way to go about something is by taking charge of it. This poem is for everyone who needs a reminder that they can help themselves out of whatever they currently feel stuck in.

Happy reading! Xx

I’ve walked down paths winding,
Losing my way several times,
I’ve had no beacon,
No breadcrumbs,
No marked trees to lead me home,

I stumble around,
A little cut and bruised,
Shaken, but I carry on,
For if I don’t,
I’ll still be here,
Waiting for a way home.

I drift among the lashing tides,
Holding on for life,
I have no lifeboats,
No driftwood,
No shore to rest my lungs in sight,

I swallow the sea,
Thrown against waves,
I’m exhausted, but I have to fight,
For if I don’t,
I’ll still be here,
Drifting to my end amidst tides.

I lose myself to dreams,
I only wish for endless sleep
To claim me
As yet another soul
Lost to the unknown,

I lose track of reality,
Slipping further away,
Until I shake myself awake,
For if I don’t,
I’ll still be here,
Living a life I’ll never make.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Lauren Mancke on Unsplash

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