Don’t Let Go of Yourself.

I haven’t exactly been in the pink of health, lately. I’ve been battling constant exhaustion, nasty viral bugs, headaches, sinus infections, and all that jazz. I think that one of the reasons behind this is that I haven’t been paying attention to myself, lately. And that’s where it all goes wrong, pretty much most of the time, doesn’t it? It is so important to look after ourselves, especially now, what with all kinds of bugs going around.

But with the frequent battle that I’ve had for my health in these last couple of weeks, I have come to realize how important it is to pay attention to our own well-being, while still looking out for those around us. Maybe we have been swamped with too much work to ignore our own basic needs, but the truth is that our work is not going to give us the same kind of care back. We could spend every little bit of ourselves on being productive, but productivity alone isn’t going to help with our health.

It is so easy to get caught up with the world to ignore our basic necessities. It’s so easy to forget that we need 8 hours of sleep in a day, and that we need to eat healthy and stay hydrated. But it isn’t until we fall sick that we realize the extent to which we have been letting ourselves go when it comes to well-being. 

And just in case it wasn’t clear enough, already, this isn’t okay and it never will be.

I know that this sounds like something a yuppie yahoo would say about mental and physical well-being, but the more I realize how little attention I have been paying to my own health, while still reminding my loved ones to look after themselves properly, the more it baffles me how badly I’ve managed to let my health slip through the cracks.

I’m told that this is a very common thing. Sometimes, we all just get caught up with the whole life thing to pay attention to ourselves. It’s kind of really sad, if you think about it, how people think that they aren’t really worthy of being looked after, or even paid attention to. I think that’s an extremely unhealthy thing to do to ourselves, at least when it comes to the long run.

This is why, I want everyone to please pay attention to themselves and not let yourselves go when you clearly need a break from things. Maybe it’s not always possible to take a total break from things that are unhealthy for you, but it is always possible to try to focus on your health a little more than yesterday.

Take care of yourselves. You’re important. Xx

Featured Image by Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash

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