To The Grave.

'I wouldn't have done this...'


'I'd rewrite it all for you.'

For If I Don’t…

Clouds aren't forever.

Something That Wasn’t There.

Something beautiful about re-discovering the familiar.

Growing Pains.

You'll learn. We all will.

Same Story Again.

Much to think about.

If I Were.

Bruised ego and knees...

Made With Love.

Yesterdays interwoven in new stories

Won’t You?

It's been far too long

Spring Never Came.

Living the same, old day

Faded Goodbyes.

I save stories...

Select All. Then Delete.

We grow out of things for a reason.

Love Again.

I've been wandering in and out of daydreams...

Nights Lived To Regret.

Been running 'round circles...

Tired of Falling Asleep.

Have I mentioned I'm tired?

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