Love Again.


Today’s poem is a contrast between telling yourself that you’ll probably never be able to get over all the pain over lost love, and the feeling of peace that comes with knowing that there is nothing wrong with you.

We are not responsible for the way we feel about certain people. Sometimes, healing takes time, and sometimes, you’ve just moved on before you ever had the chance to realize that you did. This poem is about exactly that.

I’m so proud of how it turned out.

Happy reading! Xx

I’m left flickering
In and out in dancing flames,
An ignited lamp on the brink
Drunk on poison pain,
Dried tears, smudged ink,
And eyes that stare into nothing,
Waiting for that someday
I’ll find myself loving again–

I’d let my cracks be filled,
Scars, ghosts of yesterday,
Try to forget things I never will,
Fail to walk away.

Cut and scarred by the knives
We swore would keep us safe,
Betrayal tastes like your lies,
I should’ve seen it miles away;
I’d pick myself up tonight
But pain gets in the way–
If scars could heal, so could I,
I’d learnt to love again.

Maybe I could love again.

I’ve been wandering
In and out of daydreams,
Thinking of a love
That never came to be;
When we tried to mend
Things far too broken,
And it blew up in our faces,
Things falling apart–

I’ve let all my cracks be filled,
Scars, ghosts of yesterday,
I’ve tried to forget, I never will
But this time I chose to stay;

Cut and scarred by knives
We swore would keep us safe,
Betrayal tastes like your lie,
All I got was heartache–
I pick myself up tonight,
No pain in my way,
The scars have healed, so have I,
I’ve learned to love again.

I can love again.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Moritz Schumacher on Unsplash

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