Letting go of what could've been.


Nothing ever convinced me.

Small, Small World.

I love the whole idea of 'the world is round'.

The Fall.

I feel like this would be so much better as a story.

Never the Muse.

I might never know.

I Used To Think…

Perhaps I once did, but I no longer care.

Force of Nature.

You only deserve the whole world and more.

Rainy Blues.

Watered down to an unfinished rhyme.

False Vows.

Maybe another time.

Another Sunset.

The painted skies remain.

A Part, Apart.

Out of sight and out of mind.

Out of This.

Not today, but soon enough.

Roads of Yesterday.

You only ever walk them once.


Perhaps this is how I find myself again.

Better With You.

Walking it with you is easier.

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