Something That Wasn’t There.

I came up with a surprisingly short poem today (compared to the length of my usual poetry), and it is one of my most favourite things that I have ever written. I began writing it with no clear outline in mind, and I ended up with this really sweet poem.

This poem is about how, even when we are given the widest number of options possible, we are somehow drawn to what feels familiar and comfortable. But in re-discovering what we think we already know so much about, we might realize that there is a lot that we might have missed out on, before. That’s the thing about re-discovering the familiar; you always end up finding something new to love and learn. We always tell ourselves that we should expand our horizons, but there is a certain beauty in finding the infinite in something that is much more familiar, too.

I really hope you like reading this poem! Xx

Wandering into the deepest corners
Of an abandoned library,
I found,
A familiar face
Amidst strangers,
Company I’d willingly seek,
Amidst crumbling pages,
Mellowed spines,
And undiscovered stories,
I found
One that was familiar
But still had more to reveal.

And I knew
As though an old friend
I’d recognize in any crowd,
The only one to walk
Down the same, old roads
And reach new destinations with me–
I’ve made new friends,
But none compared to this,
None shared the ease,
The familiarity.

Conversations we’ve had
Several times over,
Still bring new discoveries
Unearthed ’til yesterday,
And I’ll go on a new adventure
Once I part ways with my friend,
But for now, we’ll discover
All that wasn’t earlier there.

~© Shubhangi Srinivasan.

Featured Image by Alfons Morales on Unsplash

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