A Whole Lot of Courage.

A friend told me, today, that she was considering changing majors in the middle of a semester. A few years ago, this would have completely rattled me and I would’ve called her insane for even considering this, or for not planning to opt for another major earlier on, but I’ve done a fair bit of growing up since.

The current me is thrilled. I am incredibly proud of my friend for not only deciding that she wants to opt for a transfer in majors, but I am also very glad to see this as someone who truly believes that it is never too late to chase after your dreams.

Is it convenient to know earlier on about what you need to do with your life? Absolutely. It does give you a fair advantage, I’ll say. It does provide you with a healthy amount of head-start. But I wouldn’t ever say that it is, at any point, too late to opt for something different or chase after your dreams.

We have to be mindful of the fact that not everyone out there receives the same kind of counselling regarding what their steps need to be, as some of us have received. And even if they can receive the necessary guidance from someone, we cannot be certain that they’d had the necessary level of support, moral, financial or otherwise. Not everyone is in the same situation and circumstances as us, so we cannot really judge others’ experiences from our subjective views.

I just wanted to leave this here, as a reminder, today. I wanted to let you all know that it is never too late to decide that you want to follow wherever your dreams take you. If it is something that you feel in your gut, it’s probably worth the fight.

The only way you’re going to find out, is with a little bit of faith and a lot of courage and hard work.

You’ve got this. Xx

Featured Image by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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