‘I Never Needed A Reason’.

I watched a very heart-warming confession on a K-drama today, and it inspired me to draw from the reason to love someone coming down to ‘I don’t really need a reason to love you’, and I think that after all the loud, grand gestures that we have come to accept as necessary to express our affections to somebody. I wrote a poetic prose on something similar, today, and I think it has turned out to be the best one I’ve written, so far.

Happy reading! Xx

“You’ve asked me before, and you stand here now. You ask me the same question I fail to answer, somehow. I know all the answers you seek, yet I fail to voice them out. For if I did, I wouldn’t know if they’d ever be enough.

It is, but, as simple as the sun rising in the East, and setting in the West. It is, but, as true as the rivers making their way to the oceans to rest. It is as true as the moon that waxes and wanes, as true as the fragrance of damp earth after rains, and as true as the seasons that beautifully change.

I hold answers as true as my love for you. But I fail to find the words when it comes to telling you. Believe me, I wish I could, I really do.

You’ve asked me before, and you ask me again. You ask me the reason you hold my beating heart in your hands.

And the words only get stuck at the tip of my tongue, barely at the precipice of my lips, aching to be said. To be given breath of their own, to be heard by you; if only to give you the answers you so seek, every time you’ve asked me the reasons I love you.

It pains me so, to fail you where I shouldn’t. I could write pages in your praise, the words I couldn’t say to your face– is that so terrible of me? Would you think me any less if my love for you was conveyed, not in loud gestures, but in quiet, little ways? Would it still be enough if my love was encased in every single kiss and embrace? Would you still want to hear it from my lips, if you could feel it in the aftertaste?

You’ve asked me before, and I’ll tell you again, as many times as I can, until our last days. I’ll tell you all the reasons I love you, but there was only one that mattered, to this day.

You, who has been so wholly been everything I’ve ever needed you to be– wouldn’t that be reason enough for you to be the chosen one for me? Anything that has come with has only been everything that you’ve been willing to give to me. And if I needed any more reason, it would be the simple fact that you love me for only me.

You’ve asked me again, today, and I stand before you with my heart bared. I have hundreds of words to say, but none as good enough as the truth– I never needed a reason to love you, anyway.”

Featured Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unsplash

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