To Mean Something to Somebody.

Yesterday, I wrote a poem that was inspired by two people I cherish a lot. What I hadn’t expected was their warm reaction towards seeing that I had written a poem inspired by them. It made me wonder what it must feel like to mean something to somebody, enough to be the muse for their art.

As someone who finds inspiration in my near and dear ones, I have never once had the fortune of knowing what it must be like to have art made inspired by me.

Have I wondered about it in the past? I have, so many times. But the more I really look at it, the more I realize that my best friend has written 3 pieces inspired by me, so far, and they all hold a very special place in my heart. So, maybe it is just me not looking close enough to home. Then again, don’t we all just want to mean something, even if it does sound a little selfish, at times?

Maybe it’s not such a bad thing to want to know where you stand.

The thing is, we all wish we could mean something to people, but we often don’t realize that we matter more than we think we do. Some things aren’t mentioned in words as much as they are said through small gestures that aren’t as loud as we expect them to be. We forget that what matters the most lies in the quiet, little moments in our lives.

This is a reminder that you definitely mean something to somebody, even if you can’t see it yet. You matter. Xx

Featured Image by  Timothy Eberly on Unsplash 

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