Slipping and Falling.

Sometimes, we forget that we are only human, and that we can only keep up with things so far. There is so much that is going on around us and it is easy to get caught up in the sheer number of things that are happening all around, while still going about our work. On certain days, it is easy to forget that we need to eat or sleep to function properly because there is so much on our schedule.

On those days, it is important that we remind ourselves to be a little more patient with us because we all are trying our very best to keep up with the number of things we have to face head-on every single day, and do a good job of it. Are we doing a good job? We might be trying our very best and still not be able to get things done because we might also be mentally drained. It’s a very real thing.

Often, we all have so much to say, and so little patience to actually go through with it, we end up keeping things all to ourselves. We might feel as though we have been falling behind on our schedule and that we might never be able to get ourselves back on track again, but maybe, with a little dedication, we can. There’s only so much any of us can try to take on, at a time.

We all have different fights and climbs ahead of us, and nobody can tell us how to handle these things because everyone has such a different take on it. We might seek counsel here and there, but the truth is that we venture whatever path we take, all by ourselves, with a little support every now and then. So, it’s perfectly alright for us to slip and fall once in a while because it takes time to get accustomed to the sudden changes in our environment.

I wish I could tell you there was a smoother way to go about it, but the truth is that we all stumble around on our way to achieving things.

Maybe, someday, we will be strong enough to not stumble around. But until then, we will try to be. Xx

Featured Image by Tom Sodoge on Unsplash

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