Growing Pains.

Change can be something so unexpected and earth-shattering.

Of course, none of us can ever hope to be prepared for what comes next, but I have learned, in the last few days, that change can feel like too much and nothing all at once. There will always be moments when we doubt our own abilities to deal with something that feels unfamiliar to us. We all go through a very specific turning point in our lives that always feels like it would be the hardest thing that any of us will ever have to go through.

But at the end of the day, after we’re done dealing with it, after we realize that we somehow did make it out of that change with not as much damage as we expected, we begin to realize that maybe we are more resilient than we think.

Change is inevitable. That much has always been clear to me. We could try all we want to hold on to the past, but when we allow ourselves to stand our ground and refuse the way change is trying to mold us into shape, we don’t realize that resisting change is only going to internally shatter us. Maybe we don’t understand why those changes are important, or why we had to go through certain situations to get to where we are right now.

Of course, if you’re at a point in life where you feel as though you totally can control every single thing under the sky, then my words probably won’t make sense to you right away.

But for those who have experienced change and the growing pains that come with it, change is yet another adventure that life is going to take us on. Sure, we do not know what this adventure might bring us, nor do we know anything about where it might lead, but how will we ever find out about anything if we are always afraid to step out and face the great unknown?

What series of events, unfortunate or otherwise, have led us here anyway?

The thing is, change doesn’t wait for anyone. We might be stubborn enough to stay rooted to the spot and unwilling to budge, but the world around is still going to continue to change, no matter what our opinions of it are.

And change, in itself, might not be a bad thing overall. You learn to see the good side of it all. You learn to change yourself along with the situation, and you learn how to make something good out of all the crazy changes that you keep being put through. You don’t really get a chance to understand what your limits truly are until you’ve experienced some aspect of change.

I am, however, still trying. I’m still stumbling around and getting all kinds of bumps and bruises. It’s never easy, but you learn to shape yourself and work around all the changes that come your way. It’s just one of those things that you need to allow yourself to grow into.

You’ll learn. We all will. Xx

Featured Image by Simon Wilkes on Unsplash

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