You Survived, Didn’t You?

Surviving is nowhere close to actually thriving and living in your own element.

But we all have to acknowledge a simple fact: we’ve made it out of so much worse.

Of course, it is never easy to be strong all the time. At some point, our resilience is going to crack and we might end up realizing that we might not be as strong as we think. But we are. I would like to say that there is nothing we cannot do if we don’t put our minds to it, but that isn’t how things work all the time. Sometimes, there isn’t much under our control and it is easy to feel as though everything is going downhill.

I think it is important to acknowledge all the ways that we don’t have things under our control. Mostly because it is a reminder that things aren’t really our fault and that we cannot keep punishing ourselves for something that was never our doing. There is peace in forgiving ourselves for not being strong all the time. In all honesty, there is no need to be rock solid at all times because it doesn’t allow us to process our emotions as well as we should. We cannot hope to shut us out from ourselves and expect anything good to come out of it.

When I think about all the things that so many of us have been through, compared to where we are now in our lives, I think about how much better we can handle things, now that we have dealt with certain situations, whether similar or not in nature. We have learned from the worst and I cannot say whether any of it was for the best, but I know that we have survived much more than we ever thought we could.

In fact, we continue to do so every single day. And every other thing we survive is a reminder that we are capable of much more than we think. There might not be any kind of justification to every unfair situation we have dealt with thus far, but I know that we all deserve a pat on the back for making it through today, everyday.

Appreciate yourself. You’re doing so much and you don’t even realize it. Xx

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