Potential Devastation.

One of the worst things about watching all of your hard work go down the drain is that sinking feeling of being unable to do anything about it.

There’s only so much that any of us can do to stop a situation from spiralling wildly out of control, and even then, a lot does manage to slip past us. We’re only too human and we have far less power over things than we have been made to believe, but it is important to know that we need to let ourselves express whatever emotion we are going through at the moment in order to be able to think better once things seem like they could be salvaged.

For most of my life, I’ve always been told that I am far too emotional and that it could be potentially devastating; but truth be told, because I wear my heart on my sleeves and because I am able to let myself express when it is necessary, I am able to let myself recharge over time and think with a clear head when I feel as though I can still make things work in my favour.

I know that’s not how everyone operates; everyone is tuned to a different frequency of self-expression and all of it is extremely valid. But I also feel as though a lot of people don’t allow themselves to feel anything at all because they are afraid of what it could mean going forward. Of course, this is still valid and I don’t think that it’s a wrong way to approach expression. There’s honestly no right or wrong about that.

But from a personal standpoint, I can tell you that once I have allowed myself to be washed over by emotions as much as it is possible, I do find myself in a much better position overall when it comes to handling things and making something good out of the terrible, awful turn of events.

Either way, tomorrow is yet another day and none of us have any idea what it might end up bringing our way. Perhaps we can’t prepare ourselves for it, but we can allow ourselves little moments of weakness if it means that we can think about how we can do better and fix things for ourselves if that is possible. There is so much that remains unknown to us, but how will we ever find out if we don’t give ourselves the time and the space to consider it all properly?

Let yourselves feel. It can’t be all that bad. Xx

Featured Image by Keagan Henman on Unsplash

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