All Over The Place.

I am an emotional mess today.

My brother is moving to another city for college and after 20 years of never having been apart, I find it a little difficult to watch him go. There have been tears pouring out every couple of hours because this is a very emotional moment for all of us, and I’ve barely had any time to think today. In less than 5 hours from when I type this, we will see him off at the airport. I don’t know if I’ll be able to wrap my head around that.

On top of that, I received some good news today, only for it to be crushed by an even bigger and worse news. I truly do not have the energy in me to write something deep or introspective. I have lost every little bit of motivation I’ve had to write ever since I heard the bad news. And I know that I should be able to handle things a little better, but I am not above having bad days or dealing with them.

I’ll be back tomorrow with something better, but please accept this half-hearted post for now. Xx

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