Passing Clouds.

For the first time in a very long time, I can feel as though things have begun to shift in my favour. It has been a really long couple of months and I haven’t been this much in control of things in a really long time now. I don’t know what has changed, but I know that certain things that I had been working on for more than just a few months are finally going to be a part of this world soon. I am bursting with a secret that I’ve been meaning to tell everyone, this whole time. And hopefully, I won’t have to keep it a secret for much longer.

My Mom kept telling me that I needed to remain positive and hope that my hard work wouldn’t go in vain. But being positive is a really difficult thing to do when you’re put in a spot where everything seems to be going downhill no matter how much you try to improve conditions for yourself. It felt like the worst kind of an uphill battle for a while and I didn’t… well, I couldn’t find it in myself to look at the bright side of things because I had worked really hard on this project. I couldn’t feel myself as close to my dreams as I had once thought I’d be.

But the thing about clouds is that they merely pass us by, even if they do rain on our parade. The sun does come out again. It might take a while and there could be a bunch of damage done that needs a little (perhaps a lot) of TLC, but it’s good to know that bad times seldom last forever.

We may not always have the strength or the belief that we can make it out of whatever cloud has been holding us back from everything that we wanted to achieve. I can’t really tell you when that will be, but I know now that we all need to have a little more faith in ourselves and a little more courage to brave the world out there.

I hope you’ve all had a good day, and here’s wishing you only good changes ahead! Xx

Featured Image by NOAA on Unsplash

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